Buckeye und PAOBA alpaca shows

It was a great honor for me to judge the Buckeye Show in Ohio and the PAOBA Show in Pealpaka-showrichter-robinnnsylvania in 2015. Both are famous for their high-quality alpacas and very popular with many breeders. With just over 300 animals each, the two shows are of medium-size in the USA. Both were perfectly organized with very experienced show teams.

The quality of the alpacas

The Color Champions at both shows were of extremely high quality. Alpacas with an incredibly fine and textured fleece. When this is the case, judging is twice as much fun. The decision regarding the “lineup” for the title “Judge’s Choice” (Best of Show) was not easy though. Wade Gease and I were invited to choose the alpaca with the most positive qualities on the first weekend. In Pennsylvania, I had the honor to award the Judge’s Choice Sash, together with Jill McLeod.