Alpaca show judge

About Robin

Robin Näsemann was born in 1985 in Wuppertal, Germany and graduated from high school in 2004 in the North of London, England. He studied Business Management in Germany, Ireland and Switzerland, receiving a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science in Economics and Communication. Since 2003, his family has been breeding alpacas near the city of Münster in Germany (Abolengo de Alpaca). Robin has been working as an alpaca screener for several different associations in Germany and Austrian and has screened alpacas all over Europe and South America. From 2007 to 2009 Robin was an honorary board member of the AZVD e.V . At the end of 2010 he began the AOBA show judge training program, which he successfully completed as a ‘certified AOBA’ (now AOA) judge in 2013. To date, Robin has judged over 40 shows in the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

Upcoming shows

  • July 10–11, 2021 Alpaka Show Süd – Fleece Show in Bavaria, Germany
  • July 31–August 1st, 2021 Fleece Show in Oslo, Norway
  • February 10–13, 2022 World Alpaca Conference in Graz, Austria
  • March 19–20, 2022 Alpaka Show Uster, Switzerland
  • May 1st, 2022 Alpaca Show in Ireland

My show experience

Here's a list of the shows in which I have judged alpacas:


Mid America
Topeka, KS USA
October 2011
with Amanda VandenBosch

Empire Extravaganza
Syracuse, NY USA
October 2011
with Jude Anderson

The Royal Alpaca Challenge
Conyers, USA
November 2011
with Kristin Buhrmann


Southern Select
Shelbyville, TN USA
March 2012
with Jude Anderson

Best of the US Alpaca Show
Columbus, OH USA
March 2012
with Wade Geese

Tennessee Waltz Alpaca Fleece Show
Tennessee USA
September 2012
with Cheryl Gehly

Green Mountain
in Burlington, VT USA
October 2012
with Amanda VandenBosch


Concours Européen Lamas et Alpagas
Lagesse, France
October 2013

Rockton Alpaca Show
Hamilton, Canada
October 2013


AOA National Show
Harrisburg, PA USA
March 2014
with Cheryl Gehly

in Kansas City, USA
March 2014
with Diana Timmerman

Westerlee Show
Westerlee, NL
April 2014

Fleece Show Alpacas & Friends
Örebro, Schweden
July 2014

Suri Network
Estes Park, CO USA
August 2014
with Cheryl Gehly

Green Mountain Alpaca Show
Burlington, VT USA
October 2014

Bern Alpaka Tag
Ortschwaben, Switzerland
November 2014


Buckeye Show
Tallmadge, OH USA
May 2015

York, PN USA
May 2015

PAOBA Fleece Show
York, PN USA
May 2015

AA e.V. Fleece Show
Erfurt, Germany
Sep 2015

AAB Fleece Show
Rutten, the Netherlands
Oct 2015


Kansas City, USA
April 2016

Alpaca Ontario Show
Orangeville, Canada
April 2016

AA e.V. Fleece Show
Erfurt, Germany
Sep 2016

Welt der Alpakas
Buchloe, Germany
Nov 2016


Alpaka Show Uster
Uster, Switzerland
March 2017

AA e.V. Alpaka Show
Göppingen, Germany
March 2017

Kansas City, USA
April 2017

Canadian Futurity
Alberta, Canada
April 2017

AAB Show 
Assen, the Netherlands
April 2017

Malcesine, Italy
September 2017

AAB Show 
the Netherlands
October 2017

AA e.V. Vlies Show
Erfurt, Germany
October 2017

OABA Alpaca Fest
Talmadge, USA
November 2017

PAOBA Breeders Showcase
York, USA
November 2017

ÖAZV Hengstschau
Styria, Austria
November 2017


ÖAZV Alpaka Expo
Graz, Austria
February 2018

Alpaka Schau Süd
Ilshofen, Germany
February 2018

National Show in Uster
Uster, Switzerland
March 2018

BAS National Show
Telford, England
March 2018

Rail Splitter Show
Illinois, USA
April 2018

AA e.V. Vlies Show
August 2018

British Columbia
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
September 2018

Den Norske Alpakkaforening
Oslo, Norway
September 2018

Svenska Alpackaföreningen
Stockholm, Sweden
October 2018

Austrian Alpaca Breeders' Association 
Graz, Austria
October 2018


Keystone Alpaca Classic
Brandon, Canada
April 2019

Great Western Alpaca Show
Denver, USA
May 2019

AA e.V. fleece show
Sonnewalde, Germany
July 2019

ÖAZV Hengstschau 2019
Traboch, Austria
October 2019