Alpaca seminars

Seminar contents

Alpaca shows
What does the show judge focus on?

Alpaca fiber
Fineness, crimp, shine, curls (concerning Suri alpaca), density and structure of the fiber

Alpaka show – fleece preparation
Skirting – what’s important during preparation

Alpaca agility/performance
Introduction to alpaca performance

Beginner's course
First contact with alpacas on a higher level

Course fee & information about the seminars

One-to-one Training

Intensive course – I would be happy to help with any kind of question or topic. Please feel free to contact me directly.


Seminar registration


for upcoming seminars and courses I am conducting are:

Sat–Sun, February 15–16, 2020
Austrian Alpaca Breeding Association – Module I

Sun, March 1, 2020 
Alpaca Beginner's Course at Abolengo de Alpaca

Sat, April 18, 2020 
Fleece evaluation seminar in Poland at Coniraya

Sat–Sun, Juni 27–28, 2020

Austrian Alpaca Breeding Association – Module II

Sat–Sun, September 26–27, 2020
Austrian Alpaca Breeding Association – Module III


For seminar registration please use the registration form or contact (+49) (0) 172-9705066