Beginner’s course

Beginner's course

This seminar focuses on the following topics:
Introductory course – alpaca keeping and alpaca shows

1. Seminar half: Alpaca keeping, feeding and handling
2. Seminar half: Breeding alpacas – body structure and its function, fiber and its evaluation

Seminar registration

Registration for the seminar

The seminar covers the following

  • Participants will gain a deep and detailed understanding of the function and significance of the body structure of alpacas as well as of the significance of anomalies from the alpaca norm regarding their breeding.
  • The alpaca’s fleece composition will also be covered, including the methods and reasons for its evaluation.

Target group of the seminar

Alpaca breeding newcomers, alpaca breeders, alpaca enthusiasts:

  • Who would like to start keeping alpacas
  • That want to learn about alpaca feeding and handling
  • Those considering to attend shows with their animals and want to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of a show evaluation
  • Wishing to understand and identify the evaluation criteria for alpacas

Key takeaways from this seminar

  • Fundamentals of alpaca keeping and breeding
  • Fundamentals of alpaca feeding
  • Ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the alpaca’s body structure and fleece as well as awareness of their potential effects

Start: um 11:00 a.m.
End: approx. 16:00 p.m.

Seminar fee (at Abolengo de Alpaca) is € 60 per person and € 110 for couples.
Seminar literature and catering are included.